About thelonelycoder

I am an enthusiastic coder, stretching my boundaries every day,
in central Switzerland, near the beautiful City of Lucerne.

Meet me and discuss stuff on the SmallNetBuilder Forum: AB-Solution 3.8
My SmallNetBuilder profile page: thelonelycoder

GitHub, not much to see there: Decoderman

Twitter, occasionally: AB-Solution

Facebook, occasionally: ABSolutionAdBlocking

I prefer to communicate through the SmallNetBuilder Forum.
But if you have something you want to personally say to me, send me a note here.

How much does AB-Solution cost, the License

AB-Solution is free to use under the
GNU General Public License, version 3.0 (GPL-3.0)

The source code is in the download section
(the files itself, no compiling needed for shell scripts).

If you like AB-Solution and find it useful, you can help it's further
development with a donation using PayPal.

Thank you