Why does it not block ads, I have AB-Solution installed

AB-Solution blocks all blocked domains in the blocking file and the blacklist (if you have any added there).

To do that, your device or browser needs to request the content directly through your router.

Make sure your devices DNS Server is your router's IP address.
This is in most cases the IP But to be sure, check in the router Web-UI in LAN/LAN IP, it is the IP-address listed there.
The IP is also shown in the header in the AB-Solution UI, as shown in the image (here, the IP is
This is done automatically by your device if you select to obtain the IP address automatically from the router's DHCP Server.

If you have set the device IP address manually, make sure the DNS Server is your router's IP address.
If you had to change this, clear the OS's and browser's cache and/or force reload the website with CTRL-F5 several times.

Ad-blocking WILL NOT work when your device uses an upstream DNS Server, like Google's or

Last update on 2017-02-28 by thelonelycoder.

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