Download the AB-Solution code

Note: To install or update AB-Solution, use the methods in the Install or Update section.

These downloads are for the curious or for whatever use you have for them. As shell scripts normally are not compiled, these files are the AB-Solution Source Code.


AB-Solution consists of a number of files, all are auto-installed through the main script or downloaded when first needed. Addon files need to be integrated by the main script, manual install is highly discouraged.

During installation and when changing settings, more files are created by the scripts and saved to set locations on your router.

The main script:

  •, installs, updates and manages everything from a central point

Seven addon files:

  • backup.add, sends files as backup
  • functions.add, less used functions in main script reside here
  • log-stats.add, compiles the current and weekly stats
  • pixelserv-tls.add, installs and manages Entware and pixelserv-tls
  • rotate-logs.add, rotates the dnsmasq log files daily
  • update-ab-check.add, sends a notification when updates are available
  • update-hosts.add, amalgamates and updates the blocking file weekly

Other scripts

These Downloads are not part of AB-Solution, use as you see fit.

- dual-wan-helper is the successor of wan_connect_notification

Discussion for this script is here.

- wan_connect_notification can be used to notify when the WAN connection comes up during boot or in normal operation.

Supports single as well as dual-WAN connections on Asuswrt-Merlin firmware.
- sends an email with time, current WAN type and IP address in use
- notifies Syslog of the event

Discussion for this script is here.