What AB-Solution can do


AB-Solution features a simple to use shell script user interface, packed full of useful info's and the current application state.

Among other things AB-Solution can do, these are some of the features:

  • Blocking Ads on router level, blocks Ads on all devices in your LAN
  • Six amalgamated blocking file types to choose from
  • Use your own custom hosts list
  • Auto-updates the blocking file weekly
  • Toggle Ad-blocking on or off in seconds
  • Supports a whitelist for domains you don't want blocked
  • Supports a blacklist for individual domains to be blocked
    that are not covered by the blocking file
  • Built in smart Editor for white- and blacklist editing
  • Toggle Dnsmasq logging on or off in seconds
  • Follow the logfile with four options:
    • Unfiltered log, shows all DNS queries
    • Filtered by blocked domains, shows only blocked domains
    • Filtered by term you enter, shows only entered term
    • Trace by domain and IP
  • Supports custom block IP address for uses with pixelserv-tls and others
  • Supports https ad blocking (when used with pixelserv-tls)
  • Installs Entware and pixelserv-tls as an option,
    fully integrated management interface
  • Instant or automated detailed weekly usage stats
  • Adds script file symlink to /home/root/ for easier start in terminal
    (start it with 'sh ab-solution.sh')
  • If Entware is installed, adds ab-solution to system PATH
    (start AB-Solution from anywhere with ab-solution)
  • Keeps a history of your terminal commands
  • Built in update function to update itself to the latest version
  • Supports IPv6 blocking and is automatically used when active
  • Very comprehensive self test, including self-repair of errors and changed device name(s)
  • Six theme colors to choose from
  • Uninstall function