Sub menu

s shows the AB-Solution app info, beta team participants and AB-Solution start options.

cj lists all cron jobs set on the router, with a description what the job elements do.

sf displays the content of AB-Solution or related files.

Note that the number of files listed depends on services being active. All files in /jffs/* are listed, not just files created by AB-Solution.

rc runs a number of checks on your router that are related to AB-Solution but are set in the router WebUI.
This may help find out if settings may interfere with the ad-blocking capability on your router.

es sets settings in nvram and Dnsmasq that are less used and are therefore marked as experimental. Please use these settings only if you know what you do. There is intentionally no further info given what they specifically do as they normally should not be changed from the default values.

fn places a script into the /jffs/scripts folder that sends a notification email whenever a new AsusWRT-Merlin version for your router is available, within 48 hours of it's release.
This script is triggered by the firmware's watchdog and uses the same email credentials as set in rs.

sl sets a symlink in the /home/root folder to the main script location. See the Starting AB-Solution section for all start options.

sh keeps a history of entered shell commands, even after a reboot of the router. If set to on, AB-Solution start commands are automatically added to the command list.

ct changes the app theme colors. This is useful when your SSH client uses a differing color set. SSH client terminal colors are not standardized and vary from client to client. The full color set is shown to determine which theme best works for your SSH client. See also the Theme Colors section.

rm removes (uninstalls) AB-Solution from your router. Depending on the selection and the installed features, this also removes the Entware installation.

AB-Solution can leave the /adblocking/ directory on the device, leaving the customized whitelist and blacklist intact to be re-used in a new install.

e exits the AB-Solution UI in a safe way. A full system check is done to make sure AB-Solution is in working order.

mm changes from the sub menu to the main menu screen.